West Mountain Sports supports WMR program with top-notch race tuning

West's New Rental/Tuning Shop

Updated Friday December 29, 2017 by Sara Montgomery.

West Mountain and West Mountain Racing are psyched about the new West Mountain Sports logo by local co. Trampoline Design! West Mountain Sports (West's on-site rental and tuning shop) like all other entitities at West is now under the West Mountain umbrella. West Mountain Sports technicians will be working closely with WMR athletes for all their tuning and equipment needs. West Mountain Sports also carried Elan race skis and new Elan rental equipment (skis, snowboards, boots and poles). West Mountain Ski Area was founded in 1961 and its crest has been its longstanding moniker and was used as a template for all our brand logos. Excited about the future of West Mountain, West Mountain Sports, West Mountain Racing and the West Mountain School. All racers receive discounts on tuning in our West Mountain Sports Rental Shop using our new Montana International Challenge Tuning Machine.